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The team at Pitts West Investments is comprised of Rob Pitts and James Schondelmeier, whose complimentary skillsets have led PWI's pipeline to remarkable expansion, including a strategic foray into vertical integration. This was achieved through the acquisition of a landscaping and snow removal company, coupled with the establishment of a property management group. Together, Rob and James are shaping a prosperous future for PWI and securing its place as a thriving force in the industry.


Rob Pitts founded PWI as a way to bring investors together to build much needed real estate assets across the Western United States. He has a proven and growing track record in the multi-family, hospitality, and residential space. Rob obtained his Master's Certificate of Hospitality Investment and Asset Management from Cornell University. 


James Schondelmeier has always had an operational way of looking at things. Since joining PWI in August 2022, he has focused on the day to day operations of PWI's assets, freeing Rob to focus on upcoming projects. Through their combined efforts, PWI's pipeline has witnessed remarkable expansion, including a strategic foray into vertical integration.

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PWI is sustainably growing. There is no better time than right now to join us as we climb toward success. Reach out today and see how we can turn wise investment into reliable profit.

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